VaughnBornFamous the Soul Survivor: A Personal and Reflective Musical Journey

VaughnBornFamous the Soul Survivor: A Personal and Reflective Musical Journey

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San Diego, California — VaughnBornFamous has been taking the music industry by storm since his emergence and plans to keep resonating with his latest project released today (June 23rd, 2023), the “Soul Survivor: Forever Edition.”  Which is a collection of his most personal and reflective music to date. The “Soul Survivor” album shook the world in 2020 and consists of fan favorites like “Misery” and “Rescue Me.” The album was a journey of self-discovery and an unflinching look at some of the most challenging aspects of life. It returns, with new songs and remastered, with pop stars Vxlious and Zach Sutton to help tell the epic story of saving your own life with VBF in songs like “Walls” and “I’m Not All Right.” Other artists included on the album are S.Wills on “P.T.S.D” and Tristan Six.

”The songs on this project saved my life, and so many others,” says VaughnBornFamous. Since its initial release, numerous listeners have reached out to express not only their love for the album but also how it helped them cope with their own issues since the album covers a broad range of personal topics like addiction, trauma, depression, anxiety, and loss. VaughnBornFamous has always been vocal about his struggles with addiction and mental health issues, and his latest project is a testament to his journey of self-discovery and healing. Each track features a unique blend of catchy beats and meaningful lyrics, making them both infectious and thought-provoking.

In “Misery,” VaughnBornFamous confronts the pain and heartache of dealing with addiction, while “Rescue Me” is a plea for help amid a crisis. “Let Go” is a personal look into his family relationships and how to cope with the changes in life. “Walls” and “I’m Not All Right” explore the theme of self-acceptance, urging listeners to embrace their flaws and imperfections. Towards the end of the album “Soul Searched” explains to the audience the answer is always within you.

The deluxe and its lyrics are deeply personal and reflective, making it one of the most emotional and moving projects ever released by VBF.

VaughnBornFamous’ “Soul Survivor: Forever Edition” takes listeners on a powerful journey of addiction, mental health, and self-discovery. Join the journey today: 

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”Soul Survivor: Forever Edition” is a masterpiece of modern music. Its themes of self-discovery and personal growth are universal and relatable, making it an essential listen for anyone who has ever struggled with addiction, mental health issues, or personal challenges.

VaughnBornFamous’s unique musical style and potent lyrics make him one of the most important artists of our time, and the impact of his latest project is a testament to his power and influence. If you haven’t listened to the “Soul Survivor: Forever Edition” yet, we urge you to do so – you won’t be disappointed.

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VaughnBornFamous or Born Famous is an American singer, and songwriter. His dynamic verbal cadence, catchy hooks, and introspective songwriting has regarded him as Pop- Rocks newest sensation and a pillar in the multi-genre industry. Fame’s discography explores stories, styles, and flows that are unconventional to modern Pop, Hip-hop, and RnB. Most songs are inspired by his personal life with topics like Loss, Love, Stardom, Party Life, and Struggle.


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