Veteran Indie Icon Marks Splendid Return From Seven Year Hiatus: Ender Bowen Set to Unveil New Single “The Art Of Tactful Procrastination”

Veteran Indie Icon Marks Splendid Return From Seven Year Hiatus: Ender Bowen Set to Unveil New Single “The Art Of Tactful Procrastination”

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Tackling tough questions such as family, and the scarcity of life, Ender Bowen’s return to the music world is sure to make you fall in love with his honest and endearing style once again, as he showcases unparalleled strength in the world of Progressive Rock.

Nashville, Tennessee – August 27th, 2021 – Returning from a 7-year hiatus, talented progressive rock artist, Ender Bowen, is set to release his first single since “The Art Of Tactful Procrastination”. Infused with the influences of the greats such as U2, and David Bowie; the new single is sure to make listeners feel nostalgia for the distinct sounds of the 80s and the 90s, all while incorporating modern sounds in a twist that does not simply copy the tunes of the old, but rather gradually takes them into the modern era. Making them grow as the listeners have done so too over these past years.

The pertinent yet poignant theme of growth is ever-present in the music of Ender Bowen, as he returns from a hiatus. Growing a bit older, and a bit wiser, Ender has had ample time to reflect on this future and how he wants to proceed with it. Channeling these fears and anxieties into his works, Ender takes his listeners along as he ruminates on how he is to give time to his family, to those that are around him.

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Hailing from Nashville, pop/rock artist, Ender Bowen has built up a career, while connecting with people on a personal level. Narrating pertinent stories about love, life, and the times that we spend throughout has earned Ender Bowen a number of devoted fans, in a breathtakingly honest musical journey.

Having seen the music video to Van Halen’s “Jump” at the age of 4 or 5, Ender knew from that moment that music was his calling, since then he has pursued a career in the industry. While there have been many ups and downs along the way, the only thing that has remained consistent in his life since then is music. Whether he is writing anthems about loss and anguish, or talking about the need for family and the resilience they give you, you can bet that Ender Bowen will be speaking from his heart.


Name: Ender Bowen
Email: [email protected]
Business Address:
PO Box 822
Hendersonville, TN 37075
United States


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