ViennaCC Unveils ‘Relations’: An Uplifting Dance-Pop Odyssey Celebrating Love and Connection

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Defying the Age Norm, \’Pop-Daddy\’ ViennaCC Delivers a Resonant Beat with a Message for the Young at Heart

Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria —Pop and rock aficionado ViennaCC is set to charm music lovers with his electrifying new album ‘Relations’. Known as the “pop-daddy” of the music scene, his latest creation is a vibrant homage to love and the myriad forms of relationships that enrich our lives.

Produced by the seasoned Heinz Riemer, ‘Relations’ is an album that pulses with a positive mindset and a zest for life, steering clear of dark themes to focus on the light-hearted and the joyful. The album’s sound is distinctly European with a strong US pop music influence, creating a harmonious blend that is sure to resonate with fans across the globe.

The production style of ‘Relations’ stands out for its rich, full-bodied soundscapes. Far from the clinical sterility of a hospital, the album boasts a ‘fat sound’ with strong bass and pronounced drums, ensuring the vocals remain at the forefront – a nod to the importance of lyrics in ViennaCC’s work.

ViennaCC, who has long embraced the Bohemian lifestyle, infuses his love for the arts into every track. A versatile musician, he adeptly plays the guitar, piano, tambourine, drums come from the computer, proving his dedication to authentic sound. His own studio in Vienna is a testament to his commitment to musical freedom, allowing him the liberty to experiment with everything from acoustic to synthesized sounds.

The lead single, “Gold Is What the Girls Want,” is set to take the US by storm with a captivating music video that underscores ViennaCC’s ability to create youthful and exuberant music that defies age. Interestingly, statistics reveal that despite the ‘pop-daddy’ moniker, ViennaCC’s music strikingly appeals to the 20-35 age demographic.

‘Relations’ dropped on March 1st, 2024, and is a celebration of ViennaCC’s journey and evolution as an artist. It’s a testament to his belief in the power of pop music to transcend age, genre, and borders, making a compelling case for why he continues to garner accolades and a dedicated following.

Stream ‘Relations’ to experience the infectious energy of ViennaCC’s latest masterpiece and follow him for updates on future releases and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his artistic process. For interviews, reviews, and more, reach out and join the ViennaCC movement that is reshaping the landscape of pop and rock.



ViennaCC, a beacon of positivity in the music world, has forged his path with a signature style that blends the best of pop and rock. With a strong background in Communication Engineering and piano education, he infuses his music with technical prowess and artistic soul. His studio in Vienna is not just a recording space, but a crucible where the magic of music comes to life. Whether it’s through his evocative and expressive vocals, his skillful handling of instruments, or his captivating videos, ViennaCC invites you to dance, dream, and celebrate the joy of living through his art.


Name: Heinz Riemer
Address: Andergasse 12A/2/11, Vienna, Austria, Vienna, Austria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +4314844964




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