Vintage Authentic Hip Hop brought back to life for 2024 and beyond

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Austin, TX — Hip Hop returns to its grass roots with the release of M.C.MauRiceaRtis & Big Blak Brutha NaSty’s homage to 90’s era hip hop with the   release of there new single “hOw they Do Dat Dare”featuring M.C. A’Train. Banging percussion, thumping basslines and a sprinkle of piano and keys plus. in your face brutal honest hard hitting raps and you got what we call Vintage Authentic Hip Hop for 2024

This is 100 pecent pure old fashion grass roots back to its essence Hip Hop. With many saying Hip Hop has lost its authenticity they havent heard ‘hOw they Do Dat Dare”featuring M.C. A’Train by Big Blak Brutha Nasty & M.C. MauRiceaRtis releasing Jan 19 2024 on all streaming music platforms

Often Known as the Fly Grand Pa’s because one member has a grand daughter it is truly a breath of fresh air to hear hip hop the way it was intended to be, beats, rhymes, style, honesty and uncut fun. An to quote M.C. MauRiceaRtis, “when you hear it dont be frontin, you know dam well we on to something”

This right here is for all the hip hop purest who worry about the direction of the art form we call Hip Hop. With so many elder statesman returning to the genre it makes this release even more important because all 3 MC’s embrace their age and dont run from it which is a testament to the groups Authenticity. The grand Pa’s embody everything we love about hip hop

Do right by your ears and feet and you go to your favorite streaming music platform and you get you some M.C. MauRiceaRtis & Big BlaK Brutha NaSty.




The bands beginnings are sealed documents from a state hospital. One or all members have spent time in various mental hospitals so how the band was formed is not known.What is known is the music in  90’s era boom bap east coast in spirit. They are Texas natives but have no ties to the Texas sound. They call there style of hip hop,”Vintage Authentic Hip Hop for right now’


M.C. MauRiceaRtis& Big Blak Brutha Nasty
Name: Maurice Artis
Address: 7205 Meador Avenue, B, Austin, TX
Email: [email protected]




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