Viral Band on TikTok with New and Outstanding Music: Introducing to the World Plustwo

Viral Band on TikTok with New and Outstanding Music: Introducing to the World Plustwo

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Climbing charts with the help of their incredible music and keeping up with the latest trends of the time, emerging band Plustwo is efficiently getting in the likes of the newer generation

Rome, Italy – October 29th, 2021 – Up-and-coming band Plustwo is a massive force to be dealt with in the world of music. Possessing especial expertise in the genre of Pop music, the band is well-equipped when it comes to producing unique and original tunes every once in a while. Gaining over 100 million streams on TikTok, Plustwo released a brand new single titled “Nightlights in Japan (1987 Groove Mix)”.

With the release of the song on October 17th, 2021, (available on Spotify, Apple Music and other music streaming/downloading platforms) the rising band is hoping for their trendy sound to get out there and bring more Pop lovers towards them. The band of Italian origin is back from the success of their remake of the single “Melody (1983 Vinyl Club Mix)” which also became viral on Tiktok in December 2020, by tapping 130 million plays these days on the platform. Driven by the social, the Plustwo gained the first place in the Viral Top Chart UK on Spotify on November 26th, 2020, and the second place in the USA on November 24th, 2020. The band also ranks in the Viral Top 50 in Ireland, Norway, Russia, Poland, New Zealand, Lithuania, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, and Estonia. Their genre is a crossover between the 1970s and 80s with a massive use of electronics and bass line and original vocal phrasing in “Chipmunk Style”. The latest single “Nightlights in Japan (1987 Tape Mix)” is a new remake of another song composed by members of Plustwo at the end of the 1980s in another formation called “Galvanica”. It was released along with a frantic anime video on YouTube.

The original nucleus of Plustwo was born in 1983 from the collaboration between the singer sisters Antonella and Marina Bianchi (aka Belen Thomas & Sue Sadlow), Giorgio Costantini (Keyboardist and Producer) and Renzo Zulian (Singer and multi-instrumentalist). After the recent release of remaked songs, the band was contacted in less than a month from Sony Records, RCA, Elektra, Islands, Capitol, and dozens of DJs to make a remix. Despite the proposals, they decided to maintain their first single as an independent production.

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Plustwo is a Pop band that was founded in 1983 combining the different musical formations of the members, from progressive to funky to dance of the 70s and 80s. The dissolution of Plustwo took place after two years with the closure of the label that produced the band. However, the members of the band did not stop collaborating.

After the 2000s, the vinyl of the song “Melody” was discovered by some French DJs and played in clubs. From that moment, the public began to appreciate Plustwo again and the band got together for new recordings.


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