Visionary Electronica Hip Opera Ready To Launch

Visionary Electronica Hip Opera Ready To Launch

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Be prepared to be loved by this technological superhero human.

Brentwood, California – When you have a unique voice, you create your own music genre – this is exactly what artist Celiane the Voice did. When she realized her vocal style didn’t quite fit in the conventional genres, she decided to make space for herself and created her own genre: Electronica Hip Opera. With a truly unique style and way of conceptualizing music, Celiane the Voice is a Technohuman superhero that comes to life on stage. All superheroes have a message and a special weapon that sets them apart. Her message is love, and she is the embodiment of a “Weapon of Mass love.”

The choice of genre isn’t the only thing that’s special about the artist. Celiane the Voice creatively brings together visual storytelling, music, and a beautiful message of love to back it all. The result is a compelling performance that will leave the audience astounded and feeling positive. The artist’s motivation to tell her stories stems from the desire to witness a better world. She believes this is very much possible if humans start being more loving towards one another. Like a true superhero, Celiane the Voice wants to save humanity through her message of love before it is too late.

As of now, Celiane is working hard on a song set to be released on Thursday, March 22nd. As a part of her storytelling, her first comic book preparations for shows are also currently in the works. Future plans from the superhero artist’s side involve performing internationally this year to spread her message of love and kindness far and wide.

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Celiane the Voice is a Technohuman superhero who comes to life on stage. The message is love. Celiane is a “Weapon of Mass Love”! She created her own genre, Electronica Hip Opera to fit her vocal style and the music she loves. Celiane is currently working on a song release for March 22nd. She is also currently creating her first comic book and preparing for shows. Future plans are to perform internationally this year and to spread the message of love everywhere!

What motivates Celiane to tell her story is, the world would be a better place if humans showed love to one another. She has seen the future of what will be and is trying to save humanity now before it is too late. She showcases the story through song, storytelling, and beautiful music.




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