Wayne Young & the Midwest Creole Ensemble’s Southern Charm


wayne young reviewWayne Young & the Midwest Creole Ensemble hail from Indiana, but they have that Southern charm down packed. “Fight Like You Talk” has this great spirit to it musically and you can hear the fun these guys have on stage through this recorded piece. Then they get sensitive for “Too Many Heartaches.” You get lost in this one, for sure. It just allows you to drift off into the emotion. We pick things back up again with “You Snooze You Lose” and bring that fun vibe back into play. It’s a life lesson put to song really. Rounding things off is “Hoo Doo Lovin.'” It’s about that southern black magic and really captures the Louisiana spirit well. It’s a snappy good time. If you’re a fan of that Louisiana flare, the Bourbon Street blues, check out Wayne Young & the Midwest Creole Ensemble right now. (http://www.jango.com/music/Wayne+Young+the+Midwest+Creole+Ensemble?l=0)