We The Dreamers drop EP


We The Dreamers drop EP

URL: http://wethedreamersmusic.com/

There’s a bi-coastal creative vision coming under one umbrella with the music of We The Dreamers. Vocalist/songwriter Myke Wilken hails from the sunny climes of California and his creative partner Albany, New York born guitarist/songwriter Ethan Rose bring their respective influences to bear with a seamlessness that marks them as unique in the modern landscape. Rose’s guitar work tethers the songwriting to a traditional melodic base while the West Coast soundscapes and ambient contributions coming from Wilken embellish the tracks with vivid colors. They bring top shelf vocal excellence, as well, to this project. The beauty of these songs is that they never sound terribly belabored – instead, they have a naturalness of sound and form certain to surprise many. The focus on the songs is quite sharp as well. We The Dreamers, despite their youth, resist any self-indulgence and leave their target audience with seven songs that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

“Crystal” introduces to a songwriting voice that’s, at once, reflective yet engaging. Wilken and Rose have a distinct point of view quite unlike similar bands or creative partnerships working today. It might be appropriate to say We The Dreamers hope their artistic output is inspirational for their listeners, but they don’t arrive at this place peering through rose-colored glasses of positivity. Instead, there’s every bit as much lyrical balance found in the lyrics as there is in the music. The balance only improves as the EP progresses. “Parasol” comes from a much different, more commercial place than the aforementioned tune, but it never approaches listeners shorn of its substance or credibility. We The Dreamers prove with this tune alone that they deserve to be mentioned among the foremost purveyors of five star pop/art rock working today. The lyrics are enigmatic, but they have moments where they speak to the listeners with breathtaking and unmistakable clarity.

“Strawberry Dream” takes a much more traditional approach towards its pop inclinations. It brings acoustic and electric guitar together in a compelling and, at least, marginally imaginative way that listeners might not entirely suspect. There’s a nearly singer/songwriter, folkie sensitivity with this song as well that mixes nicely with its pop strengths. “Words”, however, is a straight up song in that style with the electronica falling away for a brief respite and Ethan Rose’s guitar taking up the spotlight. His lyricism and unadorned technique with the six string finds a complementary force in Wilken’s vocals. This is one of the EP’s strongest numbers lyrically. It makes a nice prelude to the final track on their debut and lead off single, “Time”. Earlier songs have prepared us for this moment, to an extent, but nothing can quite prime us for the experience of hearing this duo fully realizing their work towards bringing electronica, a solid singer songwriter aesthetic, and pop under the same tent. This is a song you should spin three or four times before you can assume to fully appreciate the various things going on here. It ends the EP on an exultant note and promises a bright future for anyone who sticks with this duo going forward from here.

I-TUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/we-the-dreamers/id1141267029

Robert Elgin