WHAT’S MORE SIMPLE THAN THAT …. ‘More Simple Than That’ is the first song from the Australian composer Cenred’s 2-hour album titled ‘Take You There’. The song is addictive & unique. The listener will smile to a song that will stay long after the first hearing…

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Park Orchards, Victoria, Australia

More Simple Than That’ is the first song on the award-winning composer and producer Ćenred’s two-hour album titled ‘Take You There’.

If someone has ever loved someone, then they will know EXACTLY what this song is all about  …. “I just want to see your face again!”.

The link to the YouTube video is https://youtu.be/jd6QbVfdMys

Take You There’ can be found on www.cenred.bandcamp.com as well as most streaming services – simply enter ‘Take You There Cenred’- then sit back – and be transported.

“I just want to see your face again”.

Surely this is how it is when you have just fallen in love.

And the song ‘More Simple Than That’ sums it up beautifully.

People can relate to the song instantly, they will catch its infectious hook, beautiful harmonies and driving beat.

Furthermore, the song is ageless – even the video is aimed towards more mature people, simply because, we are all in this world of relationships together and age is irrelevant.

Ćenred (pronounced ‘Chenred’) is an Australian composer, musician and producer who in the past has produced internationally award-winning music and has just released a new album titled ‘Take You There’.

The album is over two hours in length and consists of a variety of popular commercial music, from longer concert pieces through to pop songs.

Despite its distinctive ‘live feel’ Cenred played every single instrument himself, in many cases using samples and sophisticated technology (and no AI!).

The differentiator from many other artists is that Cenred is a ‘baby boomer’, and he has set out to show/prove that quality music transcends all age groups – and hopes that people of all ages will be inspired by his work.

Let it Take You Higher”  – music with a conscience.

More Simple Than That’ is the first song on the album ‘Take You There’  Ćenred’s double album. It consists of unique original modern music with universal appeal to all ages.

Based on his spiritual interests, and a lifetime as a meditation instructor, the album delivers messages of hope and inspiration.

Although it is basically a modern pop/rock album, in terms of musical style, duration and instrumentation, there is a huge variety of music – from soaring instrumentals and longer concert pieces to shorter popular commercial songs all with infectious melodies and wonderful rhythms.

Stories are told, and places are visited e.g. from a slave being released into freedom, to a galactic traveller called Mieylo,  to a pirate Johor recounting his life to his son.. plus there are some beautiful love songs.


Taken from Cenred’s recently released two-hour + album titled ‘Take You There’, the upbeat love song ‘More Simple Than That’ is catchy, immediate and unique. It will make you smile, and clap your hands – and will stay with you long after the first hearing…

Watch the video for the opening song on the album ‘Take You There’.

It is titled ‘More Simple Than That’ – and be ready to smile and sing along.

Here is the link.


Then either look up ‘Cenred’ on Bandcamp or search for ‘Take You There Cenred’ on any streaming service –  then sit back and be inspired and transported.




Cenred (pronounced ‘Chenred’) is an Australian classically trained musician, composer and producer.

He has a focus on popular commercial music that appeals across abroad spectrum of audiences, from young people through to older people. His double instrumental album called ‘Amplitude’ won a number of international awards.

He has just released a 2-hour album called ‘Take You There’, with the first single being ‘More Simple Than That’, which is a commercial love pop song.

Cenred’s music covers long concert pieces – eg which take listeners from one end of the galaxy to the other, to songs about life, hardship, freedom from slavery, pirates, medieval queens and the dangers of being money-focused.

Excerpts from all of the songs on the album can be found at this link https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/cenred/take-you-there-4

A link to his website is as follows https://cenred.wixsite.com/take-you-there.

Furthermore, his album can be found at www.cenred.bandcamp.com

The album is available on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube amongst most other streaming services – and here is the link to the video for the song ‘More Simple Than That’ – https://youtu.be/jd6QbVfdMys 


Name: cenred
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cenredmusic/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cenredharmsworth
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cenred
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZ6bC3TqNcI&list=OLAK5uy_kODn75kd67Jw–F4MRqxg2qJxDlgOEQzQ&index=2


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