Who In The World Is Cony ?

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Linden , NJ — Wednesday, November 25th, 2020 — CONY, who’s real name is Marcony Saint-Juste has garnered praise from hip hop pioneer and POWER 105 The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy after being featured in his website as an emerging artist.

CONY began writing poetry and turned his poems into song lyrics and found a passion for music and entertainment after the death of his grandmother years ago.

“Music has always been an outlet to express how I feel,” he told writer, Brandon Scoop who is a sport analyst .

While music is his passion, so is philanthropic work. A product and graduate  of the Pathways mentorship program, a program which provides extensive awareness on substance abuse prevention, bullying prevention, safe driving, suicide prevention, healthy relationship development and future planning, CONY was visiting the program regularly and speaks to students about passing the torch to the next generation. He has the ear of students within the program and has even performed music in concert and in front of Carteret, New Jersey Mayor Dan Reiman.

CONY’s looking to continue to push the baton and even further his relationship with the mayor and his hometown as his profile continues to grow. “It’s a must “ , he tells us

“I’m thoroughly excited for the future.”

you can keep up with Cony and his latest news on his social media platforms like Instagram.

Also his debut album “ RIGHT NOW “
which is available on every platform.





Cony is an emerging artist based in New Jersey who’s reaching stardom at a rapid pace . Cony’s name has been seen everywhere from Magazines to Billboards in Times Square New York .



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