Wishcraft Nation’s Dreamcatcher

Wishcraft Nation's Dreamcatcher

Wishcraft Nation's DreamcatcherIn San Francisco you’ll find a variety of sights and sounds from the architecture of their bridges to the sea lions at the pier, in between all those things is a great music scene. One of the city’s premiere bands being a rock blues outlet that goes by Wishcraft Nation. You’ll get a taste of years gone by with their classic take on music with songs like “Gypsy Woman” and “Sleepy Eyes.” Things get gritty with “Betty The Hooker” (rightfully) and “Gotta Go.” While they’re a rock blue band, you can’t but hear some country elements tossed in there as well, especially when you’re cranking up “Personality Blues” and “Dreamcatcher.” If you’re into bands that like to lay down a good time, then catch out Wishcraft Nation next time you’re in San Francisco and get their album “Dreamcatcher,” out now. (http://www.wishcraftnation.com/home)