Xavier Toscano

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Xavier Toscano releases Feels So Good

Score: 9/10 Stars

URL: https://www.xaviertoscano.com/

(SAN JOSE, CA) In our modern age of Rap synths and autotune it can be difficult to find the top seeds among the harvest. What makes masters like Blur, The Good, the Bad & The Queen, Massive Attack and Daft Punk so sought after? Sure he sound goods, he looks good, the feel good. But above that he’s got something else. He’s got what many in the industry call X-Factor. So what is X-Factor anyway? It’s just something deep within their spirit that breaks the mold when compared to other artists. Toscano stands out in a good way and transfers well into the hearts and minds of music fans all over the world. Yeah that’s X-Factor and it’s nothing that can be taught in any textbook. You either got it, or you don’t.

Southern California based Xavier Toscano have much in the way of X-Factor. With their new release, Feels So Good more closely resembles progressive-sonic-pop in terms of length and musical form. This true to form Alternative Rock, and Dance-Sonic Rock-Pop. Toscano follows the script rather well on this but the overall vibe is ironically deeply meaningful in nature. With the impressively top shelf lead off track (Never Wanna Leave) this CD keeps it real with this tasty groove that decrees power which exudes confidence to the masses. 2 more impressive songs are (The Remedy) and (Nas-T-Nice) defiantly attention getters. While (You Make Me Feel Mighty Real) and (Made It Look Easy) A re strong closers. What’s more all tracks offer instrumentally rich sets with pseudo-dance messages and impressive harmonies. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t an overwhelmingly dance laden CD by any means, because it’s got its fair share of truthful, rough and tumble subject matter. Feels So Good by Xavier Toscano demonstrates a deeper side of music and even a sense of hope evident through a transparent exploration of yearning and feeling positive about the universe and the future unknown in general. All brought to life with hauntingly detailed musical layers, steady rhythmic pulsation and addictive vocal persuasion of this latest CD. On all tracks expect an enticing vocal approach that is off the hook good and well thought out as well as well executed. I can tell Toscano is good at what he does and his music exuberates a young man’s confidence. To me he’s a sexier version of Bruno Mars but also reminds me of Usher and Shayne Ward. All things considered, this is a unique and fascinating CD from a very marketable artist from California.

It’s nice to know within the ranks if millions of independent artists some are capable of delivering something special that sticks true within their own style and artistic dance -rock expression. All the while touching an occasionally painfully honest collection of beautifully funny and uplifting songs—called Feels So Good by a guys named Xavier Toscano. Need I say more? Check it out below.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Feels-So-Good-Xavier-Toscano/dp/B00JLJ0X5I

Bev Brennan

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