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I remember it like it was yesterday –though actually happened like more than three years ago-, I was going to my first underground metal show and while waiting for the gig to kick off and besides few friends, I get to meet some of the band members. One of them in particular mentioned how we really wasn´t into modern and new bands (ironic, isn´t?), rather he really enjoyed the old, classic bands like Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and that type of bands. Personally, I find that disappointing as for that reason he might not be able to grow as an artist, will get stuck in the past; but I guess everyone´s entitle to their own taste, right?

Anyways, speaking of the past, Just Say No is an album that you would enjoy so bad and has that particular old sound reminiscent of the greatest Alice Cooper and Quiet Riot – no surprise, considering the album is actually from the 80s era and features Donnie Kisselbach of AC.

Every song is a glimpse of the past, they evoke that era where rock n´ roll both was both going through some changes, when MTV came into the scene and changed the industry forever. ¨Just Say No¨ and ¨Is This Happening¨ are the ones that stand out from the rest for me, the high pitch falsetto and crazy riffs of the former are mind blowing while the new wave, upbeat showcase a different side of the band and it has this really cool The Cure vibe that make it so damn catchy.

Now, there have always been two types of bands and artists in the industry: those that even though they are influenced by other acts, they find the way to create their own signature or at least stand out on their own and then we have those who simply are a rip off X act. Sadly, I am pretty sure many that listen to the band will pick the second option. As you listen through the album you will not find it hard (even if you want to) to compare the band to any of the many rock bands back in the 80s. This is literally a band that sounds like the 80s all the way through, so there´s everything except originality.

Overall, this is an album for those who still feel some nostalgia for that age in music. For the rest seeking for something new, well, might recommend looking somewhere else.

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A5174%2Cp_32%3AY%20Fly%202%20London

Rating: 7.5/10

by RJ Frometa

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