Years In Exile: Beautiful Mess


Years In Exile ReviewYears In Exile’s “Beautiful Mess” isn’t what I expected. “Beautiful Mess” sounds like the ballad on a band like Seether’s record. You can hear that rock in the background but the sentiment of the lyrics eases that while the delivery is soft and relaxed. I jumped the gun before listening to what else Years In Exile had to offer and when I first listened, I expected some metal to come blasting through with the rest. Instead “How” was more or less the same structure as “Mess.” Don’t judge a rocker by their cover. You can hear the angst in “Try” and that’s as close as they get to the mental image I painted of them in my head. If you like bands like Stained and Papa Roach, but like when they pull it back and dial it down but still delivery music that makes you feel, then you have to check out “Beautiful Mess” by Years In Exile, out now. (