Zero Minus One Sets Phasers to Metal


Zero Minus One ReviewSomewhere deep in the heart of La Crosse, Wisconsin sits the metal band Zero Minus One and they are waiting for you to discover them. “Against All Odds” isn’t a cover like I thought, but their own track that is their take on overcoming the obstacles life throws at you. The pump it up musically with the intro to “Tonight” and give this heart pounding performance with the arrangement, while the vocals balance everything out. So used to the female lead, we get a different change of pace with a masculine lead in “Unbound.” It’s nice they switch every once in awhile to shake things up and keep listeners on their toes. That back and forth shines in “Dualistic,” and it’s possibly their best and strongest track. I think it stands as the cornerstone of what Zero Minus One’s sound is all about – rock. So if you’re into bands that rock it out with a metal influence, check them out today. (