Monique Angele releases EP

Monique Angele releases EP Official URL:  4/5 Stars  Monique Angele EP is an eclectic yet unique musical offering from Toronto based

Love Jupiter is back!

Love Jupiter is back with their 2014 release “1967”. Overall Internet presence is slowly taking shape as I learned a lot about

Deborah Henriksson – Traces

From Sweden Classical vocalist Deborah Henriksson has just released a new 12 track catalogue entitled “Traces” in 2014. Primary URL: At

Matt Hannah – Let the Lonely Fade

Matt Hannah – Let the Lonely Fade E-MUSIC: Matt Hannah based out of Minnesota just released his latest CD entitled “Let


Band: PHIL VARCA & THE SLAMJAMMERS 2 Singles: Come Get It, Struttin’ Official URL: Over the years we’ve seen rock, pop,

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