David St. Romain – Glory

David St. Romain – Glory  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/davidstromain  In some ways this feels like it can’t find a direction. Still, it’s a very

Run Downhill

Run Downhill FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/rundownhill Being the great lover of music that I am, the trick has always been to listen to diversity.

Ann Wilson of Heart Returns

Ann Wilson Primary URL: https://www.theannwilsonthing.com/ One of rock’s leading ladies and one of the most hardworking, Ann Wilson is back with a

Nikki’s Wives “Ghost”

After living through years of teenage excess and infatuation, it’s all too fitting that Nikki’s Wives, a London, Ontario based alt-pop outfit

Shotgun Holler – Loaded

Shotgun Holler – Loaded  URL: https://shotgunholler.com/  If you listen to Loaded and insist on pegging Shotgun Holler into some hillbilly pigeonhole, that’s

Leo Harmonay

Leo Harmonay   Leo Harmonay is a singer/songwriter residing north of NYC. He sings in a mostly Jazz and Blues style band while

Jerad Finck – Criminal EP

Jerad Finck – Criminal EP YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/jfinck Although this kind of pop music isn’t really what I generally listen to, there

Rachel Lee Ann

Rachel Lee Ann https://www.facebook.com/rachelleeannmusic A creative, soothing and great lyrical song by a multi-talented singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice, Rachel Lee Ann`s

Project Grand Slam – Fire

Project Grand Slam – Fire URL: https://www.facebook.com/ProjectGrandSlam There’s many Jimi Hendrix covers out there and some are nearly as famous as the

Frank Marzano

Artist: Frank Marzano Album: American Proust Label: Independent Website: https://www.frankmarzano.com/ Genre: 60s Pop/Rock Best Songs: Love’s the Only Way Home, Sleeping with

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